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Spots So here is what I finished yesterday – a completely different style for me.  I started with the centre piece – not very good so then refined the idea for the 2 outside pieces.  So although this piece is finished I will probably take it apart and redo the centre piece.  It has been inspired by lots of jewellery seen recently in various magazines which use this linked circular form.  I have been trying not to make things so symmetrical but I am not sure I like asymmetry.

The other thing in this picture is a plaster of paris neck cast.  I made my poor son sit for 40 minutes with modroc round him and then watch his face full of consternation as I cut it off him with a pair of scissors!  I thought I would try making something to display my work on.  I need to tidy it up, make it smooth and finish off the edges.

Posted in Thing a day by Susan on April 15th, 2010 at 11:36 am.

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  1. Michelle Apr 16th 2010

    LOL!! Poor kid, making him sit for 40 minutes with Modroc round his neck ;-) Did he know what he as letting himself in for when you came at his neck cast with scissors?!

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