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Rosie’s Heart

Rosies Heart

I had a lovely afternoon with 10 year old Rosie.  She won a 2 hour workshop with me at a silent auction.  We spent some time looking at lots of the things I have made and she decided she wanted to make a heart pendant.  She chose the colours learned how to make a skinner blend, made the shapes to make the heart, chose some crystals, learned how to wire them up, added a bail made from a snake of clay and finally added a few embellishments.  While the heart was curing she chose dome matching cords to hang the pendant on and I helped her with the cord ends.  Finally the heart was ready and we strung it up.  This is the finished result.  I absolutely loved her finished result.  She is a complete natural and a lovely young lady to wile away an afternoon with.

I am off on an outward bound week with 50 10 and 11 year olds so I won’t be posting while I am gone.  Not too sure what the internet access is like in Snowdonia but anyway I won’t have time between the abseiling, canoeing, caving, climbing and sailing to get any creative work done!

Posted in Thing a day by Susan on May 21st, 2010 at 2:26 pm.

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