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Today I was going to do some mokume gane with some cane end scrap.  It wasn’t going very well, so I rerolled it out and started again.  Having made a nice block I started slicing off some layers and managed to slice straight in to my thumb – I don’t even really understand how!  Anyway, my thumb really hurts and the plaster (that’s a band aid for any non Brits reading) is leaving ugly marks so I can’t finish anything off.  Since my “thing a day” challenge is to finish something off each day I am failing!  I have lots of half finished things on my table.  Must try harder!  Tomorrow I will put a waterproof plaster on my thumb and have a sanding day.  No pictures until later in the day though as in the morning I am off to collect my sis from the airport after her trip to the US.

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Spots So here is what I finished yesterday – a completely different style for me.  I started with the centre piece – not very good so then refined the idea for the 2 outside pieces.  So although this piece is finished I will probably take it apart and redo the centre piece.  It has been inspired by lots of jewellery seen recently in various magazines which use this linked circular form.  I have been trying not to make things so symmetrical but I am not sure I like asymmetry.

The other thing in this picture is a plaster of paris neck cast.  I made my poor son sit for 40 minutes with modroc round him and then watch his face full of consternation as I cut it off him with a pair of scissors!  I thought I would try making something to display my work on.  I need to tidy it up, make it smooth and finish off the edges.

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Bisy Backson

Paint Graphic

Pooh fans will know what I mean!  That’s what it has been like today but I did finish  something only it’s dark now and I can’t take a good photo of it.  Tomorrow it will be posted I promise!  But instead here is some inspiration I found on Tory Hughes website (if you haven’t visited her before then do – she gives some great advice on finding your creativity).  There is a link to a website by Peter Blaskovic and some great computer generated experiments he has.  I created this one using one of them called Fluid Painter.  I also played around with some of the others he has and they have given me some ideas for patterns, blends and colours.  Just how to recreate them in clay though?!

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Time flies…..

….when you are having fun.  It also flies when you are just too busy! Today my son goes back to school and I will finally get some proper studio time.  The last couple of days have been focused on back to school activities (getting haircuts, sorting out uniform etc) but all the time little ideas have been forming and have been noted in my Little Black Book so I am hoping today some of that creativity will become reality.  I will keep you posted.

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Rings1I love making rings – they are like little miniature art works in their own right.  I made these yesterday – still playing with hollow forms.  They are a bit rough and ready – more experimental than anything else.  They sit a bit too proud for my liking and something not quite right about the proportions.  I also have trouble with deciding on the best connection to the shank.  These are basically “glued” on with liquid clay and then wire-wrapped to cover the join.  However, I don’t think this will be strong enough for commercial purposes so I will be experimenting more with strengthening wires.  

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Hollow Beads

Hollow Beads I have been experimenting with hollow beads and learned quite a lot along the way.  I have used some old maths (surface area of a sphere!) to calculate how much clay I need to surround a pressed paper ball and made some lovely stripy blends.  After baking I plunged in to ice water and here was where things went wrong!  Of course the paper expands in the water and this cracked most of the beads. I fished them out as soon as I noticed but I was really annoyed with myself as I rarely get cracks in my work.  Several remained crack free so once cool I placed them back in water to soften the paper so I could remove it.  Anyway, I was quite pleased with the finished result and have learned a lesson for next time!


Scrap Clay

I love scrap clay!  I saw a bracelet on Daily Art Muse a couple of days ago and thought I would have a go in clay.  I used some old scrap colours loosely mushed together and made the shapes.  Now I look again at the bracelet I see the wood used is much finer and the way the shapes are strung together is much less uniform.  So this is a prototype for another version.  I noticed you can wear it both ways – so that has sparked some more ideas as well. Sorry the focus isn’t great on these – the auto focus didn’t seem to know what bit to focus on!  One day soon I will have some proper photography lessons!

Scrap Bracelet 1        Scrap Bracelet 2

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More Wrapping

DSCF0487 I hope you enjoyed the Easter break.  I kept out of the studio and spent time with my family.  Yesterday however I made a bracelet and a pair of earrings to go with the pendant I made last week.  I wrapped a metal bracelet I got from a charity shop.  It was quite fiddly to do and the inside does not look very neat so I am not sure I would do this as a sale item unless I can come up with another way of doing it.

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River Cufflinks


Today I have made some cufflinks for the leader of my church.  I took the church logo (River Church) and made a laserjet image transfer onto white clay.  The image transfer didn’t come out quite as vibrantly as the actual logo. Working out how to fix the finished cabochon to the cufflink was a bit tricky but eventually I used another disc of clay with a hole for the cufflink to fit through and used liquid clay to glue them together.  I used liquid clay as a glaze for a ceramic effect.

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Extruding String


So, here is my first Thing A Day post.  I actually made most of this a few days ago (having been busy on creating this website for the last 2 or 3 days).  However my challenge this year is to  finish a thing a day so today I finished this.  I have gone a bit mad with the extruder!  I have made quite a lot of these string covered donuts in the past (check out “My Work”) but I decided to vary it a bit by using the extruder to create a retro cane as well as the “string”.  My friends in the the Mid Southern Polymer Clay Group call this string wrapping the “Rimmer Wrap”!  On the back I used the extruder to create a hollow bail for the cord. 

I was very pleased with the colours – a little more subtle than some of my pieces.  I think it will look good with jeans and a white shirt.

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