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Today I was going to do some mokume gane with some cane end scrap.  It wasn’t going very well, so I rerolled it out and started again.  Having made a nice block I started slicing off some layers and managed to slice straight in to my thumb – I don’t even really understand how!  Anyway, my thumb really hurts and the plaster (that’s a band aid for any non Brits reading) is leaving ugly marks so I can’t finish anything off.  Since my “thing a day” challenge is to finish something off each day I am failing!  I have lots of half finished things on my table.  Must try harder!  Tomorrow I will put a waterproof plaster on my thumb and have a sanding day.  No pictures until later in the day though as in the morning I am off to collect my sis from the airport after her trip to the US.

Posted in Thing a day by Susan on April 15th, 2010 at 7:45 pm.

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