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More time than planned

Well for once I actually had more time than I had thought because of course I couldn’t collect my sister from the airport as she was still in New York as a casualty of the volcanic ash. So that has been rescheduled for another as yet unknown day.

So I did some sanding, some fiddling and some creating.  Lots of fun.  First up were some more extruder experiments in some bright colours.  These have been inspired by the wonderful work at PurpleCactusStudios. In a way they are not really finished as I have not attached bails to them but forgive me for that!

I also polished up some mokume gane I created from  the scrap I mentioned yesterday.  I am very pleased with these and I have some more veneers still to use.

I made up some skinny blends using similar colours to the extruder pictures above.  I used a store bought channel bangle and created a pendant from the scraps.

And finally I made a quick ring with the end of a cane component – just for fun!  So I feel as if I have caught up a bit with some of my thing a day projects!

More Extruder FunMokume Gane from ScrapBangle and PendantBlue Ring

Posted in Thing a day by Susan on April 16th, 2010 at 5:49 pm.

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  1. I really love the bangle and pendant. Lovely colours beautifully blended.
    Thank you for giving me something interesting to read each day.


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