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Mini Sculpture

Sculpture One of the things I finished yesterday was a mini sculpture I have made for a lovely friend of mine.  She is having treatment for breast cancer and she is such an inspiration. This piece is to tell her how much she is loved and how special she is.

I also finished a gold and copper twist necklace and a prototype flower necklace.  I am very pleased with the twists – the more I make of these the more I am refining the process. I am not sure if I am too keen on the flower necklace but the idea has promise.

Gold and Copper Twists Blue and Yellow Flowers

Posted in Thing a day by Susan on April 21st, 2010 at 5:23 pm.


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  1. Hey Susan! That is a great piece! I bet it wasn’t easy to balance!

  2. Polish Wedding Style Dance Fan Nov 12th 2010

    A very, very, very nice…Thing… it is inclined to be fat in the stomach, I suppose ;-)

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