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Hollow Beads

Hollow Beads I have been experimenting with hollow beads and learned quite a lot along the way.  I have used some old maths (surface area of a sphere!) to calculate how much clay I need to surround a pressed paper ball and made some lovely stripy blends.  After baking I plunged in to ice water and here was where things went wrong!  Of course the paper expands in the water and this cracked most of the beads. I fished them out as soon as I noticed but I was really annoyed with myself as I rarely get cracks in my work.  Several remained crack free so once cool I placed them back in water to soften the paper so I could remove it.  Anyway, I was quite pleased with the finished result and have learned a lesson for next time!

Posted in Something I learned by Susan on April 8th, 2010 at 7:24 pm.


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  1. Grace Kaufmann Mar 5th 2011

    Hi, In the US we have packing peanuts made of a corn starch mixture. They can be shaped and then can be dissolved in water.

  2. Susan Mar 5th 2011

    Hi Grace

    We have them here too. I have used them before but found it harder to get the more perfect spherical shape. Since posting this I went on a workshop led by Christine Dumont and she showed how to create hollow beads using the paper balls and I have had much better success since. I just haven’t posted ant pictures. I must get on and do some more posting soon!. Thank you for you comment.


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