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A new twist

Blue Twists Today I finished a twist on my twist series of necklaces.  This one just has a single strand of twists, made in a subtle blue blend.  I accented with silver beads and I like it! 

I also had a lovely meeting with Leonardo who runs a business with his wife Alejandra designing and selling silver jewellery.  He gave me lots of advice and tips ranging including finishing off loops, making bezels and how to display your work. We also touched on some collaborative ideas – all early days but I learned a lot today. Leonardo and Alejandra’s company is called More Precious than Silver.  They have some wonderful stories and are so generous with their time.  Thank you Leo!

Posted April 22nd, 2010.

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Hollow Beads

Hollow Beads I have been experimenting with hollow beads and learned quite a lot along the way.  I have used some old maths (surface area of a sphere!) to calculate how much clay I need to surround a pressed paper ball and made some lovely stripy blends.  After baking I plunged in to ice water and here was where things went wrong!  Of course the paper expands in the water and this cracked most of the beads. I fished them out as soon as I noticed but I was really annoyed with myself as I rarely get cracks in my work.  Several remained crack free so once cool I placed them back in water to soften the paper so I could remove it.  Anyway, I was quite pleased with the finished result and have learned a lesson for next time!

Posted April 8th, 2010.