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Exhibition is Open

The exhibition in Henley opened today.  It has been an interesting learning experience.  I had anticipated I would have a table and would just have to get on with organising my own display.  Instead I was given a cabinet and anything else would be displayed among the other exhibits. I have bits dotted all over the gallery.  I don’t know how this will work out but they have done it before so I am trusting the organisers.  If you would like to visit check out all the details here at Spring Crafts.

I spent the morning there and we had a slow but steady stream of visitors.  I will let you know how it all went next week. I won’t be posting over the next few days but do come back next week for an update and some new work.

My table 2 My cabinetAmong the ceramics

Posted May 6th, 2010.

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