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Autumn Colours

Autumn PodsToday I delivered this piece to my lovely friend Maggie.  She commissioned it after seeing a similar one in purple.  She is definitely an autumn person and looks fantastic in browns, greens and oranges – colours I never wear.  I found it very challenging to work in this palette so she gave me her favourite scarf to help with colour matching.  I am really pleased with the finished result which is definitely Katoesque but stunning nevertheless.  I used copper to create the findings and some lovely golden cords from my threads box.  DSCF0446

Here is my original which you can see includes some beads in but I couldn’t find any beads in my “stash” that looked good with the autumn colours so I decided to leave them out.  Note to self – buy some beads in some colour combinations I might not wear but others would!


Posted in Thing a day by Susan on May 18th, 2010 at 7:44 pm.

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