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I haven’t posted very much recently as somehow life is getting in the way.  When I do get down to do something I just fiddle around and can’t get seem to get going with anything.  My colour choices look awful and my ideas (the very few I seem to have) just aren’t working out.  I have made a few things but I really dislike them so have decided not to post pictures of them.  I guess this is what people mean when they say they can’t seem to find their muse.

I am doing a children’s party at the weekend and I am hoping that will energise me.  Children are never too bothered about the colours they choose, they are much more intuitive and make things in colours that surprise me but look great (see my earlier post entitled Rosie’s Heart).

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I have been finding it hard to get in to a creative groove recently.  I have done a bit of fiddling but not made anything in to a completed piece.  However I have had some inspiration in the form of an amazing bunch of stocks given by a friend and some wonderful poppies I picked from the millions growing in a local field.  I am hoping these will help me find my way again.

DSCF0865 DSCF0869 DSCF0870

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I’m back

Blue and White Panel Necklace

A week in Wales with 50 primary school children was not the most restful but a lot of fun.  It has taken me a few days to get back in to the swing of things as it is also the half term holiday where I live.  Not to mention the beautiful weather tempting me outside instead of being in the studio.  I did finish this necklace today.  It was a commission from a friend of mine for her friend’s 50th.  I really like the way it turned out.  I have made a couple in this style, the first with 3 panels, then 5 and now this one with 7.  It hangs beautifully.

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