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Rosie’s Heart

Rosies Heart

I had a lovely afternoon with 10 year old Rosie.  She won a 2 hour workshop with me at a silent auction.  We spent some time looking at lots of the things I have made and she decided she wanted to make a heart pendant.  She chose the colours learned how to make a skinner blend, made the shapes to make the heart, chose some crystals, learned how to wire them up, added a bail made from a snake of clay and finally added a few embellishments.  While the heart was curing she chose dome matching cords to hang the pendant on and I helped her with the cord ends.  Finally the heart was ready and we strung it up.  This is the finished result.  I absolutely loved her finished result.  She is a complete natural and a lovely young lady to wile away an afternoon with.

I am off on an outward bound week with 50 10 and 11 year olds so I won’t be posting while I am gone.  Not too sure what the internet access is like in Snowdonia but anyway I won’t have time between the abseiling, canoeing, caving, climbing and sailing to get any creative work done!

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More sculpture

I have done another mini sculpture. This one is designed so that the white figure can sit either way around within the “cloak” or separately.  The figure is a kneeling, praying woman and the cloak represents the gifts she has.  It is for a specific friend, for her encouragement and blessing.

 Pastoral Mini Sculpture 3 Pastoral Mini Sculpture 1 Pastoral Mini Sculpture 2 (2)

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Autumn Colours

Autumn PodsToday I delivered this piece to my lovely friend Maggie.  She commissioned it after seeing a similar one in purple.  She is definitely an autumn person and looks fantastic in browns, greens and oranges – colours I never wear.  I found it very challenging to work in this palette so she gave me her favourite scarf to help with colour matching.  I am really pleased with the finished result which is definitely Katoesque but stunning nevertheless.  I used copper to create the findings and some lovely golden cords from my threads box.  DSCF0446

Here is my original which you can see includes some beads in but I couldn’t find any beads in my “stash” that looked good with the autumn colours so I decided to leave them out.  Note to self – buy some beads in some colour combinations I might not wear but others would!


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I have finally surfaced from the exhibition which went really well.  It was a great learning experience and I enjoyed spending time with the other artists.  Since then I have been catching up on all my other commitments – one of which was attending the May meeting of the London Polymer Clay Group.  Christine Dumont led a wonderful workshop making Cellularia Beads (have a look at her wonderful pieces here).  Mine were not so great and although I took lots of pictures of the day, I didn’t photograph my pieces. It was a great day with well over 20 people.  Here we all are working hard and a picture of the show and tell tableDSCF0604.


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Exhibition News

Mokume Gane from ScrapToday I made my first sale at the exhibition in Henley.  It was the triangular shaped mokume gane cabochon shown here.  I had made it it in to a pendant hung on a twisted silver wire bail on a silver cable necklet.  It was really great to be able to explain how I had made the mokume gane (essentially form some cane scrap!).  The lady tried on several pieces before settling on this one.  I was delighted and so was she!

The weekend is expected to be very busy so hopefully this will be the first of several more sales.  The private view is on Sunday evening so perhaps a few more pieces will go then as well.

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Exhibition is Open

The exhibition in Henley opened today.  It has been an interesting learning experience.  I had anticipated I would have a table and would just have to get on with organising my own display.  Instead I was given a cabinet and anything else would be displayed among the other exhibits. I have bits dotted all over the gallery.  I don’t know how this will work out but they have done it before so I am trusting the organisers.  If you would like to visit check out all the details here at Spring Crafts.

I spent the morning there and we had a slow but steady stream of visitors.  I will let you know how it all went next week. I won’t be posting over the next few days but do come back next week for an update and some new work.

My table 2 My cabinetAmong the ceramics

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Blue and green should never be seen……

Blue and Green So goes the old saying but I say that’s a load of rubbish.  Over the last week I have worked up quite a lot in these colours and I love them.  In this picture are two of the bracelets I mentioned a few days ago (the other one cracked), some pendants, rings and earrings – some still waiting for their posts or bails.  Over the next couple of days I will be finishing off everything, pricing up and getting it packed away ready for the setup for the exhibition on Wednesday evening.