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It’s been a while…..

Ah, life!  Sometimes it just gets in the way of itself.  Although I haven’t been posting here I have been very busy although not with my designs.  I have been refurbishing my house so my studio has been packed away.  I have managed to get a few things done over the last few months and I am now starting to get creative again.

Nikkis Necklace


I made this piece a few months ago for a friend’s birthday.  She loved it and I enjoyed making it.  They are not my colours – they are hers, she is definitely an autumn!First Panel

Then I had to think about some Christmas gifts.  I had been inspired by a poser with a bright pink kind of sunburst (that doesn’t describe it very well I am afraid) and I made this using a 3 colour Skinner blend and transposing the colours.  Like the poster the colours are not aligned in a regular pattern and the “ends” are asymmetrical. I was very pleased with it and thought it was worth exploring further.  I made some with level ends and some with symmetrical ends.

Straight Edge PanelsGrey Panels




Grey SingleI am really pleased with the results and the addition of a crystal really sets them off and I have received a few commissions.  This is my current favourite.

So now I need to kick start my creativity for 2011.  There is a lot happening in the UK Polymer world this year and I want to be a part of it!


Finding my way

After so long without posting or getting much done in the creative, I finally feel like I am finding my way again.  I was beginning to wonder if I would ever feel really inspired to do anything creative or if I did, if I would be able to create anything worthwhile.  I Erica and friendsmentioned in my last post that I would be doing a children’s party and sure enough they produced some amazing things in some wonderful colours.  However, even that didn’t get me going.  Then last week I taught a workshop and was feeling a bit of a fraud but as I helped each of my students produce a lovely pendant (I am sorry to say I didn’t take any pictures) I knew that I needed to get back to work. 

New LeavesI decided to start with something I know and in the last couple of days I have made these 2 pendants.  I am really pleased with them.  Although I have made similar pieces before, I thought by doing something I was familiar with I could get back in to the groove and then start off in new directions.  So watch this space.

This weekend I am demoing in Burgess Hill and then have a clay day in London with the London Polymer Clay Group.  Louise Fischer Cozzi will be joining us so that will be a treat!  For more information click here.



I haven’t posted very much recently as somehow life is getting in the way.  When I do get down to do something I just fiddle around and can’t get seem to get going with anything.  My colour choices look awful and my ideas (the very few I seem to have) just aren’t working out.  I have made a few things but I really dislike them so have decided not to post pictures of them.  I guess this is what people mean when they say they can’t seem to find their muse.

I am doing a children’s party at the weekend and I am hoping that will energise me.  Children are never too bothered about the colours they choose, they are much more intuitive and make things in colours that surprise me but look great (see my earlier post entitled Rosie’s Heart).

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I have been finding it hard to get in to a creative groove recently.  I have done a bit of fiddling but not made anything in to a completed piece.  However I have had some inspiration in the form of an amazing bunch of stocks given by a friend and some wonderful poppies I picked from the millions growing in a local field.  I am hoping these will help me find my way again.

DSCF0865 DSCF0869 DSCF0870

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I’m back

Blue and White Panel Necklace

A week in Wales with 50 primary school children was not the most restful but a lot of fun.  It has taken me a few days to get back in to the swing of things as it is also the half term holiday where I live.  Not to mention the beautiful weather tempting me outside instead of being in the studio.  I did finish this necklace today.  It was a commission from a friend of mine for her friend’s 50th.  I really like the way it turned out.  I have made a couple in this style, the first with 3 panels, then 5 and now this one with 7.  It hangs beautifully.

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Rosie’s Heart

Rosies Heart

I had a lovely afternoon with 10 year old Rosie.  She won a 2 hour workshop with me at a silent auction.  We spent some time looking at lots of the things I have made and she decided she wanted to make a heart pendant.  She chose the colours learned how to make a skinner blend, made the shapes to make the heart, chose some crystals, learned how to wire them up, added a bail made from a snake of clay and finally added a few embellishments.  While the heart was curing she chose dome matching cords to hang the pendant on and I helped her with the cord ends.  Finally the heart was ready and we strung it up.  This is the finished result.  I absolutely loved her finished result.  She is a complete natural and a lovely young lady to wile away an afternoon with.

I am off on an outward bound week with 50 10 and 11 year olds so I won’t be posting while I am gone.  Not too sure what the internet access is like in Snowdonia but anyway I won’t have time between the abseiling, canoeing, caving, climbing and sailing to get any creative work done!

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More sculpture

I have done another mini sculpture. This one is designed so that the white figure can sit either way around within the “cloak” or separately.  The figure is a kneeling, praying woman and the cloak represents the gifts she has.  It is for a specific friend, for her encouragement and blessing.

 Pastoral Mini Sculpture 3 Pastoral Mini Sculpture 1 Pastoral Mini Sculpture 2 (2)

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Autumn Colours

Autumn PodsToday I delivered this piece to my lovely friend Maggie.  She commissioned it after seeing a similar one in purple.  She is definitely an autumn person and looks fantastic in browns, greens and oranges – colours I never wear.  I found it very challenging to work in this palette so she gave me her favourite scarf to help with colour matching.  I am really pleased with the finished result which is definitely Katoesque but stunning nevertheless.  I used copper to create the findings and some lovely golden cords from my threads box.  DSCF0446

Here is my original which you can see includes some beads in but I couldn’t find any beads in my “stash” that looked good with the autumn colours so I decided to leave them out.  Note to self – buy some beads in some colour combinations I might not wear but others would!


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I have finally surfaced from the exhibition which went really well.  It was a great learning experience and I enjoyed spending time with the other artists.  Since then I have been catching up on all my other commitments – one of which was attending the May meeting of the London Polymer Clay Group.  Christine Dumont led a wonderful workshop making Cellularia Beads (have a look at her wonderful pieces here).  Mine were not so great and although I took lots of pictures of the day, I didn’t photograph my pieces. It was a great day with well over 20 people.  Here we all are working hard and a picture of the show and tell tableDSCF0604.


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Exhibition News

Mokume Gane from ScrapToday I made my first sale at the exhibition in Henley.  It was the triangular shaped mokume gane cabochon shown here.  I had made it it in to a pendant hung on a twisted silver wire bail on a silver cable necklet.  It was really great to be able to explain how I had made the mokume gane (essentially form some cane scrap!).  The lady tried on several pieces before settling on this one.  I was delighted and so was she!

The weekend is expected to be very busy so hopefully this will be the first of several more sales.  The private view is on Sunday evening so perhaps a few more pieces will go then as well.

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